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Approaches to improvement

4 key approaches to improvement from a World Cup winner

Observations and Experieces of Will Greenwood MBE

I was very fortunate to hear the great Will Greenwood MBE winner of the rugby world cup in 2003 speak and share a few of the insights that helped the English rugby team transform from 76-0 losers to winners of the world cup in a five year process.

I can’t do justice to the way he incredibly eloquently put forward the concepts (it always helps when you can include anecdotes that involve rugby heroes like Martin Johnson (a natural leader) and Jonny Wilkinson (a marvellous match winner).

4 key approaches to improvement from a World Cup winner

4 key approaches To Performance Improvement

1. Cottage Cheese Rinsing
This encompasses the principle that greatness is achieved through the attentiveness of detail. Getting better never stops but you need to change mindsets and create an environment that allows improvement
To achieve improvements you might need to break a big problem into a series of smaller manageable component parts that you can then work on. In the case of the rugby team they did this by activity i.e scrums, line outs, tackles etc.
A couple of fascinating insights

  • They trained to get better, they didn’t just train to train. So if there was an activity they need to perfect and they all got it 10 minutes, training complete.
  • Communication was key and they made sure that everybody understood. The MUM test was introduced in terms of would your mum understand
  • As a team they changed their mindset, changed their behaviour had strict rules and guidelines but had the freedom to operate, so they didn’t become robotic.
  • So in the case of preparing food, if you rinse the you off the cottage cheese this is the part with the most fat. This small detail part of the bigger picture to having a better controlled diet

2. Lombardi Time
Within the whole squad it was vital order flomax generic that there was a code of conduct ‘Teamship’ a collective standard of behaviour. Interestingly the rugby players worked very closely with the British Army specifically the Royal Marines. This military discipline led to a zero tolerance approach and over a 5 year period all squad members beating the deadline.
Note Vince Lombardi was the famous Green Bay Packers coach came up with this approach the idea being that you arrive for a meeting 15 minutes early so that you can catch your breath , collect your thoughts and pre-plan what you want to achieve.
3. Critical Non Essentials
Sherylle Calde was used by the squad as a Vision coach to improve the use of the eye muscles
As a vision coach the CTC technique was developed Crossbar / Touchline / Communicate. This fundamentally meant that if you weren’t directly involved in the play then you should be involved in the game through CTC
This was just one of the critical non essentials based upon the aggregating a series of 1% improvements. The fine details can help you develop a match winning aggregated performance
4. Tea Cups – Thinking Correctly Under Pressure
The rationale of dislocated expectations i.e. the only thing you can rely on is that things will go wrong
On this basis the ability to be prepared and able to change whilst in play was developed. So whilst you might be able to practice a manoeuvre within the training ground what happens when you under pressure in a match

4 key approaches to improvement from a World Cup winner – Get Inspired

If you ever get the chance to listen to Will Greenwood speak I would thoroughly recommend him as a motivational narrator. The insight into the performance improvements for sport have the ability to be transferred into sales and business. For more business development information and news  click here.  To contact Andrew Goode an experienced sales and marketing professional click here

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