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Approaches To Improve Your Sales

The Start Point For Sales

Approaches to improve your sales, a fundamental basis is that you must have the following three attributes; hope, faith and integrity. This then links with having a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). There are many descriptions of PMA, I think it can be summarised as having a can do / will try approach with the ability to get going (i.e. no inertia).
Additionally the two principles of Reciprocity (i.e. doing others a favour that’s meaningful, unexpected and customised) and Liking (as humans we like things that are similar) should be adopted.

Approaches To Improve Your Sales

Approaches To Improve Your Sales – Discovery, Design and Delivery

The issue of price is always an issue that occurs when considering sales. As part of overcoming pricing objections, you should never end up narrowing a buying decision down to a single issue. If you do it will always end up being price, and at that point the lowest price is most likely to win.
Another common sales question is what is the best sales close? To answer this one needs to remember that it is important to stop telling and start listening. As has been mentioned before the adage 2 ears and 1 mouth use them in that ratio. Therefore the best close could be to shut up, let the customer talk and think as they wont argue against themselves. Note: Its critical that the customer is clearly aware of what’s unique about you / your proposition; and what they stand to lose if they don’t buy from you
So if we know that we need to quiet for the close, what is the best sales opening? I would suggest that a broad concept opening incorporating this four stage approach provides a solid opening approach

  1. Where are you right now
  2. Where do you want to be in the future
  3. What are the various ways to get there
  4. What is the best way right now

These 4 questions fit into a three stage approach

  • Discovery : where are you right now
  • Design : Where do you want to be
  • Delivery: It might not be perfect first time

Just because you can eat soup with a fork doesn’t mean its right

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Sales &  The Law of Contrast

  • As you can see its not £10,000 its only £6,900
  • Its good to have 3 options and always start with the most expensive (Hot, Luke Warm and Cold)

In Summary

  • Here’s what we do that’s unique
  • This is what you stand to lose if you don’t work with us
  • This is what you stand to lose by not doing
  • We are worth more than that therefore we will charge you
    • This is what we do
    • This is why we do it
    • This is why we are worth it
  • You’ve come to us at a good time, if you had left it it could have cost £10, we have product A @ £6 and product B @ £4

We chase what runs away , we pay for what we value

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