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Approaches To Ensure You Achieve Your Goals

Goal Achievment Rationale

  1. Consider what have you achieved over the last 12 months?
  2. What did you want to achieve over the last 12 months?

3 key elements to consider if you are struggling to achieve goals

1. Elephant – has the following characteristics, walks slowly, is difficult to change direction and represents things that are difficult to change
How can you motivate the elephant

  • Find the feeling
    • ACTION = the motion of a decision long after the mood you made it in has left you
    • Shrink the change i.e. try and break the problem down into smaller more manageable elements. The example of this is a hospital had over 450 different types of disposable gloves which was very inefficient from a stock / cost perspective. For years they tried unsuccessfully to rationalise the range. Eventually a manger took a single type of glove for which there were over 30 varieties and physically took the gloves and in a management meeting placed them on the table and asked the question “shall we change one set”
    • Grow your people
Approaches To Ensure You Achieve Your Goals

2. Rider – has a good view from the top, is agile and mobile and represents the ability to change direction easily

How can you direct the rider

  1. Find the bright spot
  2. If you want to change then what is new
  3. Point to the destination i.e. What are your goals. BP provide a great example of this where once the goal was identified “No more dry wells” the percentage of dry wells drilled was reduced significantly

3. The path that you are asking to go down. This is an element where you are able to shape the path you want to take.

  • You can tweak the environment
  • Build habits
  • Rally the herd

So why don’t people set goals

  1. Overwhelmed if you don’t set a goal you cant fail
  2. Believe others are better
  3. Lack practice in goal setting
  4. Have previously failed when a goal has been set

Some of the typical excuses made by people as to why they have failed in achieving goals set. They blame

  • the past
  • their friends & family
  • genes
  • weather
  • dead people (who can’t answer back)

Compare this to successful people who

  • Take responsibility and don’t make blame
  • Create results not reasons
  • “Do ” instead of “Try”

“Making a decision is more comfortable than sitting on the fence “

Consider these questions

  1. Ask others what do you recommend?
  2. What do I want instead?
  3. What things are consciously in your comfort zone?
  4. What things are in your crisis zone?
  5. If you were a car what make of car would you be?
  6. If you were a holiday destination what would be the destination?
  7. If you were a shop what shop would you be?

Approaches To Ensure You Achieve Your Goals

For more information the top 10 strategies to sure you achieve your goals see the next article in the news. To speak with a specialist business growth specialist Andrew Goode click here

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