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Akbars Leeds Brilliant Marketing

Akbars Leeds A Fantastic Customer Experience & Example Of Great Marketing

I recently took my family out for a celebratory special occasion meal. As we were combining this with a visit to Leeds it made perfect sense to go to an Indian restaurant that had been recommended to us called Akbars Leeds in Greek Street, Leeds.

Now lets look at what I think are some of the great marketing activities that we can all learn from

  1. Referral: I was recommended to go there by a friend who himself had been recommended (I have no idea how far back the chain goes) as a result of this recommendation we didn’t even checkout if there were other great curry houses local to us
  2. Busy: We arrived at the restaurant at 6.30pm on a Saturday evening. We were greeted at the door by a very hospitable lady who informed us that they were very busy and for a table of five we would have to wait 30 minutes. The restaurant was absolutely buzzing with diners who appeared to be having a great time. So at this point we promptly made use of the bar area to grab a pre meal drink. The fact that the restaurant was already busy was a great sales tool. Did we really want to find a restaurant that was empty where we could eat immediately?
  3. Akbars Leeds have some hero products. Whilst we were waiting we observed the food coming out of the open to view kitchens. From the image you will see one of the hero products the “Family Nan” what a mugs eyeful. It tasted even better than it looked. The taxi driver who took us to the restaurant recommended the lamb chops (which were outstanding) as he said they were legendary
  4. Great Food: When the food arrived I can honestly say the Apna style curry was the best curry I have ever had. everyone else in the group though that the food was brilliant
  5. Great Service: The waiters, The food servers were all very attentive and very personable. No robotic sayings just very attentive personal service

Akbars Leeds The Marketing Case In Summary

  • A great marketing case study
  • I have no idea what there website is like (they may not have one) never even looked for it
  • The product in terms of food was not only outstanding to us it represented great value for money
  • The restaurant understood the importance and value of customers and provided a service to suit
  • I will tell friends the Akbars Leeds story and recommend them as a  very happy customer, and will have no hesitation re visiting next time I’m in Leeds

For a great curry visit Akbars Leeds for great marketing advice checkout the Blue Dolphin website . To talk to a professional marketer with years of experience click here Andrew Goode 01733 361729

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