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Agricultural Low Loader Trailer

If you have farm equipment that needs transporting an agricultural low loader trailer is an essential piece of equipment.

They are perfect when you  are looking to transport agricultural implements, small crawlers and drills.

A good agricultural low loader trailer will be designed so that the bed of the trailer lowers to the ground allowing simple and quick loading.

Agricultural Low Loader Trailer

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Agricultural Low Loader Trailer Features

There are two main types of agricultural low loader trailer

  • Flat bed trailers which typically have a single axle at the rear and therefore have the large flat loading platform in the centre. The loading platform (or bed) is raised or lowered by means of hydraulic tipping cylinders located at the rear and by the front tractor pick up hitch. The single rear axle limits capacity to a maximum of typically 8 tonnes
  • Beaver tail agricultural low loader trailers have two independent ramps (that when lowered create the shape of a beaver tail – hence the name). As it it possible to drive tractors, diggers wheeled vehicles directly onto the ramp and bed, these trailers have a payload of up to 20 tonnes on the forty mm  hardwood platform. The trailers are often mounted on tandem springs with the loading ramps being spring assisted.
  • Trailer Options
    • The trailer width and length can be customised as required
    • Where a trailer will be used primarily on the road high speed axles are beneficial
    • If towing heavy loads independent hydraulic brakes provide additional braking performance
    • Side guards can be fitted for improved safety
    • Lights that comply to RTA are essential but there are now a wide variety of high performance LED lights available
    • Hydraulic double folding ramps are becoming increasingly popular saving space and providing additional performance

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