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Adapt Your Marketing

Adapt Your Marketing To Meet Your Customers Capabilities

In this series of articles we will look at why a one size fits all cant be applied to marketing.

To start with lets look at some of the generic groups that have been created since the 1940’s

  • Mature / Silents
  • Baby Boomers
  • Generation X
  • Generation Y / Millenium
  • Generation z Boomlets
Adapt Your Marketing To Meet Your Customers Capabilities
Group NameBornCharacteristic
Mature / Silents1927- 1945Went through their formative years during an era of suffocating conformity
Baby Boomers1946 -1964The first TV and divorce generation
Generation X1965 -1980Raised in the transition phase of written based knowledge to digital knowledge archive
Generation Y / Millennium1981 -2000Prefer digital literacy as they grew up in a digital environment. Have never known a world without computers
Generation Z / BoomletsAfter 2001They are Savvy consumers and they know what they want and how to get it and they are over saturated with brands

Some examples of the differences in approach by the groups


Those of a Generation X era will remember being at school / college and visiting the library to get information. The quality of the information available was limited to the books that they had available on the shelf. Today’s Generation Z have almost been born with a wifi enabled telephone within their hand and can get all of the information they need immediately through online search and peer reviews


I’m of an age where I remember us having to leave the house to go to the phone box on the corner of the street in order to make a telephone call. It was almost rationed in two ways, one being the cost and secondly actually having somebody with a phone who you could call. The majority of people now have a mobile phone which not only allows people to talk at any time but for the Generation X allows them to access the social media sites to which they belong and frequently access.


For the mature group they can possibly remember when they needed illumination lighting the gas lamp. In my generation we simply switched the switch to get electric light. For the Generation Z they simply request light through their mobile application

6 Key Factors To Consider Whatever Your Customers Age

Extreme Customer Focus

  • Service
  • Relationships
  • Reviews
  • Value

You need to think like a customer

  • Online
  • Technology
  • New Entrants
  • Major Players
  • Alternatives

Establish the customer core frustrations

  • Cost
  • Hassle
  • Speed
  • Communication
  • Why

Establish A Unique Sales Offer

  • Identify the value
  • Differentiation
  • Brand
  • Emotion

Make The First Sale Easy

  • Download
  • Audit
  • Workshop
  • Quote
  • Sample

Build Trust

  • Be responsive
  • Credibility
  • Social Proof
  • Presentation
  • Communication

Adapt Your Marketing To Meet Your Customers Capabilities

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