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7 Reasons To Consider A Coach

A Sporting Analogy In Relation To Coaching

As a high performing tennis player Andy Murray like most world class tennis players has a complete team of coaches

  • A nutritional coach who purely focuses on what Andy is eating and drinking to maximise performance and energy levels
  • A technical coach who purely focuses on positioning, timing and technique
  • A fitness coach who ensures that throughout the pre and competitive season optimum fitness is maintained and injuries are managed
7 Reasons To Consider A Coach

As a business Owner 7 Reasons To Consider A Coach

  1.  If you believe that the business will suffer if you are not there all the time
  2. If you feel you are married to your business and that it demands all working hours
  3. Your business does not generate enough profit to justify your efforts
  4. You have fallen out of love with your business
  5. You have a lot of business experience however you haven’t fully invested in yourself
  6. You have lost sight of where your business is going and why
  7. Because you are already good and recognise that’s its going to take a bit extra to become outstanding

Who Makes A Good Coach

  • Have relevant business experience
  • Have experience in a range of industry sectors
  • Proven track record of success in coaching
  • Have qualifications or affiliations
  • Have glowing recommendations and testimonials
  • Personable with good rapport and listening skills
  • Naturally inquisitive, daring and motivated
  • Has previously coached businesses similar to yours
  • Wont compromise always looking for win / win situations
  • Is excellent at asking the right questions

So Why Wouldn’t You Have A Coach?

7 Reasons To Consider A Coach

If your business is looking to achieve serious growth after hitting a glass ceiling then a business coach could be the just whats needed to help you break through to the next level. For more information on coaching and other business improvement approaches click here. To Talk to an experienced business coach click here

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