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A 5 Point Marketing Mantra For Those With Consumers

If you are selling products or services to end users this mantra from the grocery convenience sector may feature some elements that could and should be included in your business activities.

A 5 Point Marketing Mantra For Those With Consumers includes these 5 simple rules allow you to communicate consistently from the shop floor to the board the principles of the business.

A 5 Point Marketing Mantra For Those With Consumers

Marketing mantra 5 principles

Fresh: The products that you offer must be fresh. So for a food store this should be obvious the items must be of a quality that makes you want to pick them from the shelf.

  • For other companies though how recent and relevant is your product range.
  • Has it changed in the last 5 years?
  • Does it look tired and unattractive?
  • When I walk into your reception do I receive a Wow or a dohh impression.

Full: What is your stock availability. If you go into a major supermarket to buy an item and the brand / product you normally choose is out of stock, there is likely to be an alternative option on the shelf.

  • In your business what is your availability.
  • Can I get immediate supply, is there a lead time?
  • Does having a really long lead time in order to be able to supply help or hinder you. i.e. we are so busy and provide such a good product that you will have to wait 48 weeks if you want our product!

Fair Price: Price does not mean you need to be the cheapest as its just one of the ingredients in the buying decision.

  • When people mention price they actually mean value.
  • Value is defined as the benefits I receive for the burdens I endure. Good value = Price + Benefits
  • Importantly different circumstances will impact on how much a person will pay
    • Is it a distress purchase
    • Are you buying for a treat
    • Either way you may need it now and be prepared to pay a premium price for the goods

Fast Service: Now fast service doesn’t have to mean poor or substandard service. An example of great fast service includes

  • Making it simple for people to buy. You have possibly seen or purchased a “Meal Deal” from one of the supermarkets or multiple retailers. In the majority of cases these worked on the basis that the cheapest item was free. So with a range of sandwiches with a variety of prices etc it could be difficult for a customer to actually purchase (thus slowing down selection and creating queues ). By changing the offer to a fixed price £3 meal deal, simplified the offer, made it easier to purchase and ultimately significantly increased sales.

Friendly: an extremely simple approach to create a friendly environment is “having your customer face staff smile”

  • Where sales staff make eye contact. Have you ever noticed that when you are stuck in a queue, often the sales assistant or bar tender doesnt make eye contact. Those who aspire to a fast service will have sales staff who make eye contact and apologise if you have kept them waiting then ” I’m sorry we are busy”.
  • Ultimately if you are trying to make repeat sales you may benefit from
    • Gaining the name of your customer
    • Engaging in conversations
    • Building a relationship
      • which will hopefully create some customer loyalty

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A 5 Point Marketing Mantra For Those With Consumers – Five Other Observations

  1. If you have a rubbish product, changing the packaging or redesigning the packaging still means that you have a rubbish product . So critical you don’t end up with Chocolate covered sh one t
  2. The 11th marketing commandment – “Though should not kid thyself”
  3. Whats your guarantee –  e.g. “Full Availability Of Selected Product  Lines”
  4. Don’t fall into the data trap – epos tells you what has happened it doesn’t give you an insight into why it happened
  5. Sometimes the things that are holding you back are all in your head

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