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3 Questions About Your Website

Have You Ever Asked Yourself These Questions About Your Website

A.What is the purpose of your website?

  1. Do you actually know what the purpose of your website is, or was it just something that you thought you should have?
  2. Is it to try to sell to people immediately
  3. Are you implementing ‘lead generation’ where you get visitors to begin a relationship with you? This approach has been known to increase conversions by over 1000%.

Many companies have no idea what the purpose is of their website or how they should use it from a sales and business development perspective

B. Are You  Using Video On Your Website

If yes fantastic (but)

  1. Is it professional video, produced in high definition and integrating the lead generation strategy mentioned previously?
  2. Is it some random footage shot on an i phone and published as taken
  3. Is it a highly crafted and polished corporate video that showcases how long you have been trading, what a nice company you are, how your machines work but doesn’t actually have a close

Many companies have no idea how video can help create authority and encourage a web visitor to inquire further

C. Does Your Website Homepage Follow The Fundamentals of Direct Response Marketing?

  1. Is it easy to navigate away from the home page
  2. Is it easy to find a telephone number so I can call Now
  3. Is all the crucial content visible

Many companies have their website designed by a graphic person who has no idea about sales and marketing. This often results in an incredibly pretty website that has no impact in converting a visitor into an inquiry.

3 Questions You Need To Consider About Your Website

If your website is suffering from any of these failings why not get a professional internet marketer to review the site click here Andrew Goode on 01733 361729. . It may well cost you to have this performed but it could transform your website into an effective business development tool. For more information on websites click here

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