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2 Shot Moulding For Good Looking Components

2 Shot Moulding – What is it

Two shot moulding is an efficient method of combining two forms of plastics in a single operation. This makes it ideal if you want to have a moulding that would benefit from featuring two colours.  This ability to automate the moulding of assemblies that have different combinations of resins or colours in a single process does not have to involve complex capital equipment or seriously high production volumes.  The two step manufacturing process can be innovatively achieved by the use of two independent injection units and some well designed tooling and operator skill.

2 Shot Moulding

2 Shot Moulding Benefits

  • A wide range of creative new design possibilities are available to the engineer / designer through the two shot moulding approach. Allowing two colours to be combined in lower volumes than one would have thought possible  opening a wide range of value added design for the design engineer.
  • Overall a significantly lower part cost. Often to get a 2 shot moulding involves complex tooling and high volumes to achieve a low unit price (but a high volume of components required. With modern technology you might pay a slightly higher unit price but with significantly lower volumes achievable the actual spend is reduced
  • 2 shot improves product integrity as the elements are moulded as one
  • By completing the 2 shot process savings in production, handling & assembly are available
  • Contact us to see examples of the extremely high quality fabrication that can be achieved
  • Eliminating secondary operations means that handling is reduced which helps in reducing the cost per unit
  • From a design perspective 2 shot  enhances product features and can make a simple moulding more appealing. Design in a logo or company identification making it highly noticeable in the secondary colour
  • 2 shot allows Multi-colour and multi-material,

For information on marketing as opposed to how 2 Shot Moulding can improve the marketing of your plastic components click the link .To contact Andrew Goode an experienced marketing professional who can help with innovative marketing click here

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