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10 Top Strategies To Make

10 Top Strategies To Make Absolutely Sure You Achieve Your Goals This Year

Some Basic Goal Achievement Principles

  • You need to know what you want
  • You need to know why you want it
  • You need to believe you can do it

From the perspective of knowing what you want this is where SMART objectives should be set. For those who havent heard of SMART objectives before the acronym stands for S: Specific  M: Measurable (some may prefer the concept of score) A: Achievable or Attainable, R: Realistic, T: Time based

10 Top Strategies

10 Top Goal Achievement Strategies

  1. What can you do NOW – Strike while the iron is hot 
  2. Good, Bad and Ugly – lets use the example of trying to lose weight and you want to stop eating biscuits (something that you love to eat and once you start you find it hard to stop)
    1. Good – you don’t eat any biscuits
    2. Bad – you eat 3 biscuits
    3. Ugly – eat whole packet of biscuits
    4. If you flip the commitment the challenge becomes not to eat the whole packet
  3. Make the goal achievable
    1. Lets imagine that you want to get fit so you decide to set a goal of I will go to the gym 3 times a week for 90 minute sessions
      1. The problem occurs when you find that you cant fit a 90 minute session then the chance is you will miss your session
    2. If you change the goal to I will go to the gym 3 times a week
      1.  Then if you find that you are short of time you can at least go to the gym even if you only exercise for 30 minutes
  4. Use the acronym GPAD
    1. G = Goal – set your SMART objectives
    2. P = Plan – formulate a plan
    3. A = Action – successful people take action
    4. D = Diary – if you cant take the action immediately put it in the diary to complete
  5. Make a key goal a tradition
    1. When an activity becomes a tradition it is much more likely to be carried out i.e. it becomes a habit which means it is less likely to be ignored or substituted for another activity
  6. Cues to help in the process
    1. Can you change the environment
    2. When do actions take place.For example rather than looking at e mails as they come in why not look at them at specific times during the day
    3. Immediately proceeding action. What happens before you carry out your action
    4. Emotions – how can you change them
  7. Find a technique to act as a memory jogger. there may be some technology or an app for your phone that can help prompt or remind you when you are required to complete an activity
  8. Will Power Leverage an approach to assist you when your will power at its weakest. For example lets imagine that you love to snap up a bargain and will excessively use your credit card to snap up a bargain. Put your your credit card in a glass of water in the freezer. When you next get the urge to go shopping you will have to wait for your credit card to defrost which could provide you with time to cool down and decide that you don’t need to go shopping
    1. I find this a really nice approach and apply in the following way. If I want to go out for a pint of beer (bad) then I will have a pint of water (good) first. So water, beer, water, beer etc
    2. Essentially if you know you are going to have / do something bad then you do something good first
  10. Increase the pain for not achieving your goal. Quite often if you don’t achieve the goal you set then there is limited consequence for this failure. Now if you decide that if you fail to achieve your goal you will pay a financial forfeit to a charity (that you wouldn’t want to support ) then that additional pain may increase the desire to achieve your goal

10 Top Strategies To Make Absolutely Sure You Achieve Your Goals This Year

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